Welcome to our Garage


We are DIGITAL MARKETING COACHES who work at a DIGITAL STRATEGY GARAGE creating effective and personalized strategies that, on top of adding value, build knowledge inside the teams we work with.

Why a Garage?

Because it is the best environment to set things in motion.


Our fight: The hard KPI’S

We commit and accompany our clients’ side by side during the development and growth of their business, always with our eye on the hard KPI’s.


Our Services

We spend a lot of time in the digital world identifying opportunities to have real conversations between brands and followers. Through data and insights, we take a step back to visualize the real need of our clients to identify and create the perfect Digital Ecosystems so they can effectively tell their story while engaging with their key audience in the right digital spaces.

We are able to do this through: 


  • Digital and Social Media Footprint assessment
  • Audience analysis: current and desired
  • Competitor / Peer analysis
  • Content assessment / editorial review
  • Objectives and KPI’s review


Strategic allocation and sequencing of investment in media platforms

Strategy & Planning

  • Definition of objectives and tactics
  • Selection of platforms and their roles
  • Audience behavioral, attitudinal, and motivational decision drivers
  • Definition of brand voice and editorial angle for content optimization

Empowerment & Training

Digital 101 training for internal teams Workshops

Our Specialty


Whether it is an artist or a music label, we do whatever it takes to create the best experience for fans. Our goal is to connect the dots and establish and strengthen the artist’s digital structure to potentialize their career by:


  • Promoting their talent to the right audience, helping it gain attention and traction through data-led campaigns.
  • Helping artists to grow organically and maximizing their audience, followers and fans on social platforms. In the case of music artists, we add to the equation the organic streaming growth on DSPs.


Building a brand is not putting together an idea and a logo. We strongly believe that brands need an in-depth understanding of what they want to accomplish and a detailed framework of what their strategies will be.

We are data-driven, creative and strategic. Everything we need to help our clients craft the right message, delivered at the right time and to the right audience through the right platforms.


We commit and accompany our clients’ side by side during the development and growth of their business. We are passionate about helping teams from the inside out and see this part of the relationship as fundamental.